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Innerload is an heavy metal band that mixes different styles and influences from metal rock underground and traditional bands, creating an engaging sound made of power, energy and capturing melodies. Songs appears as a straight sound message, with original (but not baroque) structure. Lyrics are mainly facing current events, social engagement, or personal situation, though others songs lead to introspective and emotional themes or fantasy stories like in the traditional power metal style.

The band formed in Marghera (Venice) in February 2009, plenty of ideas and sounds to be developed, bringing quickly the band to compose its first original tracks. In December 2009 Innerload guys start recording their first album titled “React” in Majestic Studio in Scorzè (VE) with Marino De Angelis: they keep on working until April 2010.

In May 2010 the guitar player Giorgio Bolognesi (Giò) joins the band completing the line-up.

In August 2010 Innerload, in collaboration with Silos Production (that works with bands like Therion) from Mantova, release a video clip for the single “Fake world” allowing the band to be known around the countries and to receive first approvals in the metal scene.

In 2011Innerload sign an official distribution agreement with SG Records, a label managing bands like Ibridioma, Tramortiria, Heaven Denaied, … and in November the album “REACT!” is officially released, receiving very positive feedback and critics, and generally appreciated as a link between N.W.O.B.H.M and modern metal sound.

In 2012 Innerload performs around Italy in different venues with other bands coming from Italy and famous international bands of metal scene, i.e.: Holy Martir (Italia), Vulcano (Brasile) and James Rivera degli Helstar e Vicious Rumors (U.S.A.).

In May 2012 the track "The Wizard" has been selected to be added to an American compilation : KILL CITY 39 by 272 RECORD from Los Angeles – California.

In May 2012 the videoclip “Fake World” wins the contest “Band of the Month” on Metal Nation TV.

In September 2012 the band produces itself a “fan-made-vodeoclip” for the second single “Ecocriminal” from the album “React”. It is also a way to thank all supporters, collecting their pics, catches and videos.

In May 2013 INNERLOAD reach the final stage of the national contest “SOTTERRANEA”, thus playing in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) and publishing a track in the compilation of the contest.

In September 2013 the band wins the contest “BANDE SONORE” in Verona and records a new live version of the track “The Wizard” to be included in the compilation.

In September 2013 INNERLOAD start a collaboration with the writer KETY FRANZOLIN who then uses the song “The Wizard” as the soundtrack for the trailer of her new book “Watch me Burn”. A short tour follows, allowing the band to present an unplugged version of “The Wizard”.

During 2014 the band is working on the new album that should be published by the end of the year, and performs in some local gigs.


Ray uses:
Esp guitar, mesa boogie rectifier amplifier, marshall cabinet

Alex uses:
Ibanez BTB405, Warwick Corvette $$5NT, Amp & Cabinets EBS.

Musa uses:
Drums: Pearl MMX,
Snare: Pearl - Vinnie Paul (signature)
Pedals: Pearl Eliminator
Cymbals: Paiste - Joey Jordison (signature)
Sabian - B8 Pro


  • NameMarco Cortese
  • Nickname(s)Cortez
  • Birth date13/09/1972
  • BirthplaceRoma - Italy
  • Current ResidenceSpinea (VE)
  • Marital StatusFree
  • ChildrenNope
  • Bands You've Been before InnerloadOver Crow, Entropia, Eightmiles
  • Hobbies/Intereststravelling, Painting, wrinting
  • Musical InfluencesMetallica, Timoria, Queensryche
  • Favorite BandsMetallica, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Evergrey, Extreme, Great White, Karma, Joe Satriani, Alice in Chains, Metal Church , Motley Crue, Pearl Jam, Poison, Queensryche, RHCP, Rage Against the Machine, Skid Row, Subsonica, TNT, Sigon Kick, Whitesnake, White Lion, Yes, Mr.Big, Ra, A perfect circle, tool, Timoria, Police, and many others...
  • Favorite AlbumsSenza Vento (Timoria)
  • Favorite SongsThe Deeper The Love (Whitesnake)
  • Favorite MusiciansJoe Satriani, Eddie Vedder
  • Your Heroes AreEmergency guys
  • Favorite ColorRed
  • Favorite FoodAlmost everything
  • Favorite BeveragesBeer (Slalom)
  • Favorite TV ShowsThe Simpsons
  • Favorite Video GameNope
  • Favorite MoviesDead Poets Society
  • Favorite Sports TeamsJuventus fc
  • Favorite Places/LocalsRome
  • Favorite Books/AuthorsJonathan Coe (the house of sleep)
  • Favorite ComicsAsterix
  • Favorite Super-HeroesFab 4
  • Favorite cartoonJeeg


  • NameAlessio Novello
  • Nickname(s)Alex, Ale
  • Birth date06/06/1974
  • BirthplaceMestre (VE) Italy
  • Current ResidenceSpinea (VE)
  • Marital StatusMarried
  • ChildrenOne
  • Bands You've Been before InnerloadOniride, Bekana, Pulsar
  • Hobbies/InterestsReading Books, Collecting Comics
  • Musical InfluencesHard Rock, Glam, Heavy&Power&Thrash Metal
  • Favorite BandsHelloween, Masterplan, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Skid Row, Guns n Roses, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Blaze, Freedom Call, 8Miles, Ancient Mariners, ecc...
  • Favorite AlbumsKeeper of the seven keys (HELLOWEEN)
  • Favorite SongsEagle Fly Free (HELLOWEEN), All Innerload songs
  • Favorite MusiciansRay Lamanna , Giorgio Bolognesi, Musa, Marco
  • Your Heroes AreMy son
  • Favorite ColorBlack, Blue
  • Favorite FoodAll Italians food
  • Favorite BeveragesCoke
  • Favorite TV ShowsINNERLOAD videos
  • Favorite Video GameDiablo II
  • Favorite MoviesDie Hard
  • Favorite Sports TeamsJuventus fc
  • Favorite Places/Locals
  • Favorite Books/AuthorsReligion (Tim Willocks)
  • Favorite ComicsDylan Dog, Dampyr
  • Favorite Super-HeroesPaperinik
  • Favorite cartoonGundam, Jeeg


  • NameDaniele Musaragno
  • Nickname(s)Musa
  • Birth date07/12/1972
  • BirthplaceMirano
  • Current ResidenceMira (VE)
  • Marital StatusLives with Deborah
  • Children
  • Bands You've Been before InnerloadDead Zone (1988), Raindrops/Oniride (1991), Abazaba (1997), Compagnia Apiedelibero (1999), Another Cover Band (2002), Pulsar (2004)
  • Hobbies/InterestsMy Love, my Friends, my Music
  • Musical InfluencesEvery one that give me an emotion
  • Favorite BandsIron Maiden, Helloween, Masterplan, Pantera, Hellyeah, Death SS, Arch Enemy, Avantasia, Edguy, Nightwish, Therion, Timoria, Litfiba, Le Orme, Orphaned Land, Manowar, Rage, Running Wild, Strapping Young Lad, and many more...
  • Favorite AlbumsPiece of Mind (Iron Maiden), Keeper…II (Helloween), Viaggio Senza Vento (Timoria), Mabool (Orohaned Land), Once (Nightwish) Jesus Christ Superstar, Felona e Sorona (Le Orme) and many more…
  • Favorite SongsIt’s a very difficult choise! But in this moment I said “Infinite Dreams” (from album “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” by Iron Maiden)
  • Favorite MusiciansNicko Mc Brain, Vinnie Paul, Uli Kush, Dimebag Darrel, Steve Morse, Jorn Lande, Bruce Dickinson, Devin Townsend, Daniele Silvestri, Angelo Branduardi
  • Your Heroes AreAll the people that give a sense of their life
  • Favorite ColorBlue and Black
  • Favorite FoodAll
  • Favorite BeveragesRed wine, and for survive water
  • Favorite TV Shows
  • Favorite Video GameSoul River (the only video game that I have played)
  • Favorite MoviesDogma, Clerks I & II Lord Of the Ring, To Be John Malkovich, Star Wars
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Favorite Places/LocalsLondon
  • Favorite Books/AuthorsValerio Evangelisti
  • Favorite ComicsBatman: The Return of Dark Knight (Frank Miller)
  • Favorite Super-HeroesBatman
  • Favorite cartoonNightmere Before Christmas


  • NameRaimondo Lamanna
  • Nickname(s)Ray, Lama', Cobra ...
  • Birth date21/02/1979
  • BirthplaceBarletta (Ba) Italy
  • Current ResidencePadova
  • Marital StatusEngaged
  • ChildrenNope
  • Bands You've Been before InnerloadCarpe Diem, Blag
  • Hobbies/InterestsFive aside, drinking with friends, playing with my cats Mirò and Yumi
  • Musical InfluencesQueen, Anthrax, and every music with a strong overdrived guitar
  • Favorite BandsQueen, Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Stratovarius, Symphony X, Three doors down, Poison, Skid Row, Sod, Guns and Roses, Malmesteen, Rammstein, Mr.Big, Who, Armored Saint, and many others...
  • Favorite AlbumsAmong the living (ANTHRAX)
  • Favorite SongsTie your mother down (QUEEN)
  • Favorite MusiciansBrian May, Scott Ian
  • Your Heroes AreMy mum, my dam, my brother...
  • Favorite ColorBlack even if is not a color
  • Favorite FoodMy mum's PANZEROTTI
  • Favorite BeveragesBeer (Du demon)
  • Favorite TV ShowsThe Simpsons
  • Favorite Video GameDoom 3
  • Favorite MoviesPrince of darkness by John Carpenter
  • Favorite Sports TeamsJuventus fc
  • Favorite Places/LocalsAmsterdam
  • Favorite Books/AuthorsMemnoch The Devil by Anne Rice
  • Favorite ComicsPaperino (Donald Duck)
  • Favorite Super-HeroesDevilman
  • Favorite cartoonMazinger Z


  • NameMassimiliano Tognazzo
  • Nickname(s)Max
  • Birth date09/12/72
  • BirthplaceTBD
  • Current ResidenceVillafranca Padovana
  • Marital StatusMarried
  • Childrentwo
  • Bands You've Been before InnerloadRandom, collaboration with Vittorio Matteucci
  • Hobbies/InterestsReading
  • Musical Influences
  • Favorite BandsLed Zeppelin, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Satriani, Whitesnake, Metallica
  • Favorite Albums
  • Favorite Songs
  • Favorite MusiciansYngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Satriani
  • Your Heroes Are
  • Favorite ColorBlue
  • Favorite Food
  • Favorite Beverages
  • Favorite TV Shows
  • Favorite Video Game
  • Favorite Movies
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Favorite Places/Locals
  • Favorite Books/AuthorsClive Cussler
  • Favorite Comics
  • Favorite Super-Heroes
  • Favorite cartoon